Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Attention All You Scrubbers...

I exfoliate and tan so much it's almost a ritual! Every Wednesday I will exfoliate my whole body and then on the Thursday have a spray tan so I'm lovely and bronzed again!

Today I went hunting in Boots to find a new exfoliant and I wanted to share my amazing find with you!!!!


I've used a lot of Soap & Glory products in the past and they have all been amazing so I was instantly drawn to this one. The exfoliant comes in a squeezy tube rather then a tub which I prefer - I've found with the tubs they get water in while in the shower and I also use too much!

Pulp Friction cost £8 and has 250ml.

For each arm I used the size of a 10p piece (this was also enough for the chest area), and for each leg I used about a £2 coin amount. When applying the exfoliant I always use gloves so it gives my skin a proper scrub! I would definitely recommend exfoliating gloves over puffs as they are a lot more effective and efficient!

This product when applied is quite thick, it exfoliates amazingly but also foams up and acts as a soap which saved me using my Soap & Glory Clean on Me! It has various fruity smells but does have a bit of 'soap smell afterwards which may put some people off?

Overall I love this product and definitely think it's going to be a new favourite to ensure I have smooth skin and a fab tan!

Soap & Glory are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots...

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Whats your favourite exfoliant?