Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to wear your LBD in Winter

I got this bargain of a dress the other day from Internacionale... it was £12.99 it so ultra versatile!!! 

My dress is skater style with 3/4 sleeves but I'm sure you've all got something in you're wardrobe...

I've done a Trend Video on 5 different ways style a LBD for winter, lots of comfy cardigans and warm layers!





Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Top Bun Hair Tutorial

(Video Tutorial Below)
For the last 3 weekends I've worn the same hair style... boring you may be thinking but this is such an easy hair style and I think it looks amazing!

The top bun has been around for a out 2 years now, recently I've been using a larger donut ring and no extension and it's something I think nearly everyone can do!

All you need to achieve this look is:

- Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume
- Hair Brush
- Hair Ban
- Donut Ring
- Bobby Pins
- Hair Grips
- Hairspray

1. Spray Dry Shampoo through hair and make sure you rub in (this is to add volume and make your hair more workable)

2. Brush hair

3. Tie hair in a high ponytail

4. Put donut ring over ponytail (pulling through the hold)

5. Brush hair evenly over/around the donut ring

6. Sweep hair from one side all the way around until all the donut is covered

7. Apply bobby pins - I place these at the front, back and sides

8. Use the larger pins to secure the hair and bun in place, sometimes I need a few but sometimes up to 10, it depends how soft and silky your hair is

9. Apply hairspray


You can also change this look up... why not try having your fringe down? Put some flowers around the outside of the bun? Tie a scarf round your head for he 50's look?


Monday, 12 November 2012

Miners Solo Eyeshadows

Miners have released four new eyeshadows in four dazzling shades perfect for the party season!

These shadows come in plastic packaging, contain 4g and are priced at £3.49.

The colours are:

Luna:        shimmer white/silver
Stardust:   light gold shimmer 
Nautical:   matte cobalt/navy blue 
Jewel:       shimmer emerald green

The shades apply really smoothly (I use an eyeshadow brush and blending brush if necessary). Personally I find it better to apply them a small amount and build up the colour. They are pigmented well and don't have too much fall out.

Overall these colours are great, Stardust is literally my favourite eyeshadow at the moment for the inner eye and lid, really glam and brightening! I will definitely be having some tutorials coming up including this shade.

LUNA                    -                    STARDUST

NAUTICAL                         -                        JEWEL
LUNA       -       STARDUST       -       NAUTICAL       -       JEWEL

To purchase these shade visit Miners website HERE or check out the STOCKISTS

Whats your favourite eyeshadow colour for the party season?


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Pedicure Times...

I had a delightful pedicure today... I love getting a pedicure, always nicer to sit back and get pampered wouldn't you agree?!

I'm channelling the chilly weather so opted for a darker blue shade

I went for Gelish which is my favourite gel product. The colour is 'Deep Sea' - and it's a gorgeous deep blue with purple undertones. Then to add a pop it was topped with 'Izzy Wizzy, Get Busy' glitter - this is a hologram look glitter, again with purple undertones so it really brings out the overall purple.

Now my toes are done I want to show them off.... definitely too cold for flip flops so might opt for some peep toe heels!

No Flash

With Flash
Close up with flash

Apologies for the poor lighting with the photos it's rather dark tonight!

Hope you all had a great weekend


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Keeping it Cool

Both nail varnishes are £2.99 each

Hola Ladies!

Picked up 2 new nail varnishes today in Boots. I wanted a pale blue shade as I don't didn't own one...

I went for the 17 brand as I've used their nail varnishes before as they're great quality, reasonably priced and the range of colours is brilliant!

'Mint Choc Chip' is the name of the blue shade. As before it applied like a dream ( 2 coats) and looked great on it's own.

I fancied jazzing it up a little so picked up Barry M's Rose Quartz Glitter - this is a pinky/gold toned chunky glitter and looks fab on! Again I applied 2 coats as I wanted it extra glittery!!!

Both products can be found here: and are currently on buy one get one half price!!!

What do you girls think? Fan of the glitter nail varnish or dread having to scrub it off?!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Attention All You Scrubbers...

I exfoliate and tan so much it's almost a ritual! Every Wednesday I will exfoliate my whole body and then on the Thursday have a spray tan so I'm lovely and bronzed again!

Today I went hunting in Boots to find a new exfoliant and I wanted to share my amazing find with you!!!!


I've used a lot of Soap & Glory products in the past and they have all been amazing so I was instantly drawn to this one. The exfoliant comes in a squeezy tube rather then a tub which I prefer - I've found with the tubs they get water in while in the shower and I also use too much!

Pulp Friction cost £8 and has 250ml.

For each arm I used the size of a 10p piece (this was also enough for the chest area), and for each leg I used about a £2 coin amount. When applying the exfoliant I always use gloves so it gives my skin a proper scrub! I would definitely recommend exfoliating gloves over puffs as they are a lot more effective and efficient!

This product when applied is quite thick, it exfoliates amazingly but also foams up and acts as a soap which saved me using my Soap & Glory Clean on Me! It has various fruity smells but does have a bit of 'soap smell afterwards which may put some people off?

Overall I love this product and definitely think it's going to be a new favourite to ensure I have smooth skin and a fab tan!

Soap & Glory are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots...

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Whats your favourite exfoliant?


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Miners Tin o'Tint - Review

Miners have recently released 3 brand new Tin o'Tints. These tints are basically a lip balm, but with a hint of colour and a glorious scent!! 

The 3 newest tints are Pink Grapefruit, Mango, and Cocoa Bean. The colours are gorgeous but the one that really caught my eye was the Mango, the colour is a coral pink and really vibrant and vivid, definitely up my street!

Although the tints can look bright in the tin they're not overwhelming when on... they give a cute glow so perfect for everyday wear, or on top of lipsticks more of a punch of colour! I've been wearing the Pink Grapefruit & Mango when I have more of a simple eye look (just liquid eyeliner/mascara) and then the Cocoa Bean when wearing more of a grungy, smudged eye look.

These feel amazing on, really smooth to apply and stay on for a good couple of hours. The packaging too is really handy for chucking in your bag. 

Check out Miners website for more details... these products are also stocked in Boots and House of Fraser.

Pink Grapefruit - Cocoa Bean - Mango
(With Flash)
Pink Grapefruit - Cocoa Bean - Mango
(Without Flash)

Callus Peel for Hard Skin - Review

No matter how much glamming I do I always manage to forget about my footsies... and to be honest I would say they get the most abuse!  

After a whole summer of wearing flip flops (even through the rain!) and then also wearing the most ridiculous heels every weekend my feet are definitely showing some damage :(  I recently went to the Beauty Trade Show and spotted the Callus Peel Foot Treatment stand which looked really interesting...

The Treatment:
For the treatment the easiest position is to lie on your front. You then have your heels (and any other hard skin you want removed) wrapped in a Skin Softener sheet which contains natural acids to erode the skin. Your feet are then wrapped in cling film and left for 15 minutes.

Once the cling film and sheets are removed the therapist will then use the scraping tool to remove all hard skin - this tickles and also can hurt a little bit, but is tolerable for the results!

The therapist then moves on to using the foot file to smooth out the foot and remove any final layers of hard skin. To finish the treatment you then receive a lovely foot massage using the Moisture Cream which really helps the moisturiser to soak in. Your feet will then be amazingly soft and pretty <3 

This treatment is retailed at approx. £20 which I think is worth it. I would advise one at the start or summer, and then again at the end. Or if you wanted it for a special occasion before a holiday would be perfect!

BEFORE                                                                                                          AFTER

BEFORE (yuuccckkk!!!!)
AFTER (bea-utiful!!!)

Have you tried any successful treatments for hard skin?!


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Shake it till you Samba - Gelish Manicure

ZING ZING!!!! How bright is this colour?!

I've been eyeing it up for a while & finally gone for it.... it's from the beauty brand Gelish and it's from they're RIO NEON collection. The collection is such an eye catcher, very bright, very colourful AND they last for 3 weeks... basically perfect!!!

The formula is a UV Polish, which is set under a LED or UV lamp. The treatment starts with the basic nail prep and then the application, the brilliant thing about this treatment is that it is dry istantly meaning you can step out of the salon without having to worry about smudging or knocking your beautiful nails...  the manicure will then last up to 3 weeks!

The colour range offered by Gelish are amazing, check out their website for your nearest salon:

Monday, 23 July 2012

Miners Lip Colour - Lipstick Review

I was recently sent some lipsticks from Miners Cosmetics ... If you've ever watched my YouTube channel you will know how much I rave about these!!!

I will be separating my reviews up into the different types of lipsticks so you can get a full idea of each different product.

Today I'm going to be focusing on the 'Lip Colour' range - these lipsticks promise a full punch of colour, and come in 12 different shades and are a bargain at £3.99 each.

Glamour Girl - Vogue - Icon

I was sent 3 different shades: Glamour Girl (pink), Vogue (red), and Icon (plum). These lipsticks have a really moisturising feel to them which is the main reason I love them - my lips get so dry in an office with air-con. When applied they go on very smoothly and are well pigmented, the colour is evenly distributed and looks brilliant when on. I also find the colours very warming which is really complimenting. 

If I have to name one negative with the product I would say the packaging, the plastic is quite thin on the lid so I worry it may crack, also I have found the writing can rub off the side... on the other hand though where the packaging is pink it really stands out from all my other lipsticks in my collection - also the base of the lipstick has been changed so its a block of the colour which is helpful.

Overall I would give the Miners lipsticks 4.5/5 - the colours are all really cute and wearable, they feel incredible on and also have a delicious smell of parma violets!!!

Whats your favourite brand of lipstick? Have you ever tried Miners Cosmetics?

Glamour Girl - Vogue - Icon

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fashion Haul ...


Has anyone else noticed how amazing this seasons sales are?! Sooo much harder to be controlled when you getting something at a fraction of the price!

I thought I'd give you a quick peek at my most recent purchases, I can confirm I'm very happy with my bargains. I've also put a few ideas on how I'll be styling them...

As you can see I seem to of obtained a bit of an obsession with lime green/yellow. Think it's going to need a bit of tan to pull it off!

All links at the bottom...

Open Back Black Dress from Mango £34.99 £16.99

This is such a classic LBD. For night time I'm going to dress this up with some chunky heels and a bright blazer. I can also dress this down with some flat sandals and a thin scarf or cardigan

Topshop Tan Chelsea Boots £75 £40
I saw these cute booties on the shop assistant and had to get them.... ONE PAIR LEFT... they we're a size 8 and I'm usually a 7 but luckily they fitted well. I will be styling these with skinny jeans and oversized jumpers for A/W. I think these will also look great with a plain tee and a khaki grunge style jacket

River Island Wrap Necklace £8 £4
I thought as this was £4 even if I wear this a handful of times I'll get my monies worth. It will go with so much because of the colours in it (black, yellow, green, blues, pinks...)

River Island Lime Textured Mini Skirt £12 £5
Again it was the colour that drew me to this skirt! I think it's going to look great with an oversized tee and the River Island necklace or a silver collar necklace. It can then be dressed up more for the evening with more of a fitted top and perhaps a black blazer!

Mango Tropical Dress £34.99 £16.99
I wasn't 100% sure on this dress, I LOVE the colours, print and dip hem but it's such a bright dress I'm not sure how much wear I will get out of it. Again in the day I would wear flat sandals, and then in the evening probably tan heels and a light cardigan or denim jacket!

Hope you like my buys... If you have any more outfit suggestions for my purchases or comments pop them below!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Being 'summer' (although I'm pretty sure it hasn't stopped raining?!) I love mixing up bright colours to create different looks! I've taken 5 various nail colours from Miners and jazzed up my toes...

Although it may look random I did experiment a few times with the bottles to see what order I preferred for my toes. To recreate this you just need to grab different nail colours that look cute together... you don't always have to have five either, recently I used 3 pastel shades (lilac, mint & peach) and this looked super cute too <3 

It's really easy to do and will give you something fun to try when you have a spare hour! I also got a lot of compliments once complete!

Let me know if you give it a go and what colours you use.



Step 1:
Make sure your nails are completely clean by removing all existing nail varnish and soaking feet

Step 2: 
Clip toenails and clean under nails using wooden stick. You can also go onto push back the cuticles if necessary using a hoof stick

Step 3:
Decide what colours your going to use and in what order. On a covered surface paint each toe in turn (I used two coats of each colour, to be honest I could of got away with one coat as the Miners polishes are really well pigmented but I done two coats just to safe)

Step 4:
Finish with top coat and tidy up and scruffy edges with a varnish removed pen or the wooden stick dipper in nail varnish remover

Step 5: 
Find some summery flip flops, sun & show off :)

Bring on the beach!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


I recently had a night out to celebrate turning one year older... my birthday was on a Saturday, so although it's nice to have all weekend I think I actually prefer having my birthday on a weekday... that way you can celebrate in the week and then at the weekend also! 

I went for a lovely lunch at Prezzo in the day and then in the evening had some prinks (pre drinks!) then hit the town for some cocktails, shots & boogieing!!!

For my makeup I recreated an amazing video I had seen on YouTube... link below

Me & Sissy Wissy <3

My hair I had in rollers in the afternoon - clipped in my HeadKandy extensions (these were VERY loosely curled so they looked blow-dried). 

My dress is from the brand Hybrid, it cost £85 which I wouldn't usually pay for a dress but because it was my birthday I thought I'd splash out :)

Apart from the weather the night was brilliant... hope you enjoy the pics 


Links for everything:


Hair Extensions:


Prezzo Restaurant: