Wednesday, 27 November 2013

You're in Jamaica, c'mon and smile!

Wow I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! I've been pretty busy with birthdays and familly and last week I returned from the most amazing trip in Jamaica! I wanted to share a few snaps with you to show how truely amazing it was - the sun, the beach, the people and the food... I loved it all!!!

We had a nasty wake up at 3am to travel to Gatwick, we then jumped on  swift 10 hour flight to land in Montego Bay in sunny Jamaica - from there it was then a 90 minute transfer to our hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay. After spending hours traveling (and being chucked 5 hours back in time) I couldn't think of anything more perfect then being greeted with a delicious rum topped cocktail. Once we finished sipping our drinks dry and admiring the gorgeous views we dropped our luggage in the room and headed to dinner.

Riu Palace Tropical Bay was all inclusive - this means all food and drink is included which is perfect if you're looking for a break where you don't have to think about budgeting. The food was delicious and the staff great, everyday we popped along to the beach jerk hut and had fresh barbequed chicken with rice'n'pea smoothered it a volcanic hot jerk sauce! Dinner most night varied from Jamaican, to Mexican and it was all fresh, colourful and delicious.

Before visiting Jamaica I had only really been on European beach holidays - I can fully say this beach was ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!! The sand was fine and white, the sea was so warm (around 30 degrees) and it perfectly clear. Our days mainly consisted of laying in the sun, getting too hot, swimming in the sea ... repeat. You had locals wandering up and down the beach singing and selling bits and pieces and it really got you in the Jamaican mood (that and all the frozen daiquiri's!)

Within the resort there was a company offering boat trips, we opted for a boat trip that included snorkelling, swimming through caves, and visiting Ricks Cafe which is a famous bar where you can jump off the cliffs! I'd never been snorkelling before (other than on the beach) and I found it really interesting (if not a bit scary). All the corals to gaze at, and the bright and different fish! Ricks Cafe was pretty touristy ($5 for a small cocktail) but it was great fun to watch people taking the leap of faith... followed by a huge splash and a cheer from the crowd!

Jamaica has been my favourite place I've ever visited and I cannot wait to return to the Caribbean Islands, they are absolutely stunning and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my week away, I can definitely recommend it to anyone that's looking for the perfect, sunny beach holiday!

Where's the nicest place you've been on holiday?