Wednesday, 16 May 2012

You sexy MINX...

I don't know about you girls but this trend is something I just can't seem to get bored of!!!

Left Hand
Right Hand

It's called 'Minx' and I'm sure some of you may of seen it on celebrities, television, or even replicas? Beyonce, Lady GaGa & Rihanna are massive fans, as well as shows like x-factor etc...

I've been having this done now for about 2 years, the designs are SO fun and its such a different look, I definitely get a lot of compliments when rocking these!

Today I've had done a mix of one of the original, best sellers 'Gold Lighting' & then also 'Gold Lightning Studs' on a few fingers, what do you all think of the mixture?

If you don't want to pay salon prices, or would like a go at it yourself I've put some links below for some you can buy yourself... I know Primark also sell them for about £2 so defo worth a look :)

The Process...

1. The nail wraps start of on one big strip, one side is the patterned side, the other the adhesive side.

2. Using a tool with a thin end peel off, heat under heat lamp (if doing it at home you can use a hair dryer)

3. Foil is applied to the nail, it is best to follow one side of the nail, stretch over, and the carefully using nail scissors trim the bottom for a perfect fit.

4. Ensure there are no ridges, bumps etc... a rubber hoof stick is perfect for this!

5. Fold the excess foil over the end of the nail. Allow to cool, then using a downward stroke action use a nail file to file the excess foil off - then file nail to desired length/shape.

6. You can stop at this point... or for extended wear I have a layer of either Gelish or Shellac added... these are gel varnishes that are set under UV lamps, they extend the wear from about 5 days to 2/3 weeks!!!

Hope you all enjoyed my first blog... what do you all like having done to your nails? Please all comment below!


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