Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Callus Peel for Hard Skin - Review

No matter how much glamming I do I always manage to forget about my footsies... and to be honest I would say they get the most abuse!  

After a whole summer of wearing flip flops (even through the rain!) and then also wearing the most ridiculous heels every weekend my feet are definitely showing some damage :(  I recently went to the Beauty Trade Show and spotted the Callus Peel Foot Treatment stand which looked really interesting...

The Treatment:
For the treatment the easiest position is to lie on your front. You then have your heels (and any other hard skin you want removed) wrapped in a Skin Softener sheet which contains natural acids to erode the skin. Your feet are then wrapped in cling film and left for 15 minutes.

Once the cling film and sheets are removed the therapist will then use the scraping tool to remove all hard skin - this tickles and also can hurt a little bit, but is tolerable for the results!

The therapist then moves on to using the foot file to smooth out the foot and remove any final layers of hard skin. To finish the treatment you then receive a lovely foot massage using the Moisture Cream which really helps the moisturiser to soak in. Your feet will then be amazingly soft and pretty <3 

This treatment is retailed at approx. £20 which I think is worth it. I would advise one at the start or summer, and then again at the end. Or if you wanted it for a special occasion before a holiday would be perfect!

BEFORE                                                                                                          AFTER

BEFORE (yuuccckkk!!!!)
AFTER (bea-utiful!!!)

Have you tried any successful treatments for hard skin?!


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