Monday, 22 April 2013

Outfit of the Night

Recently I've been going out mainly on Friday nights but this weekend saw the
return of the classic Saturday night out! I love going out on a Saturday, you have all day to nap, relax and prepare yourself for the big night ahead!!

I opted for a LBD, this was from Boohoo and was only £20! It was quite like my Hybrid dress from my Birthday Post, the fabric wasn't as nice but it was £50 cheaper which makes me feel less guilty if I don't wear it more then a few times.

For my hair I added a set of Headkandy Hair Extensions (shade Butterscotch Highlights), back brushed the roots and gripped a few bits back! Makeup was a simple brown smoky eye, Ardell lashes and peach cheeks/lips.

The night out itself was great, we went to a few bars, ended in a club and left about 3am with VERY sore feet!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I had a very long lie in then popped down to Cheddar. First of all we watched how cheese was made - it was interesting to see how much hard work goes into making cheese the traditional way, the poor man looked exhausted! We then followed our noses and wandered into the shop, here we were faced with an endless amount of sumptuous  samples! We were able to try everything in the shop - all types of cheeses, jams, chutneys and biscuits - I can honestly say this is my favourite type of shop!  I ended up leaving with a bag full of chilli cheese, chilli jam & oat cakes... Can't wait to crack these out with a nice bottle of wine!

After this we wandered across to a traditional little sweet shop, here we saw a demonstration on how Chocolate Limes were made, the smell of the melting sugar and lime flavours was so warming and yummy I couldn't resist buying some sweets for the journey home!

How was your weekend? Were you out enjoying the sun on Saturday?


  1. omgosh, your marc jacobs clutch is beautiful! :) xx

  2. You look gorgeous, omg love the clutch as well! xo


  3. thank you for stopping by on my blog lovely ! you look so pretty!


  4. You look absolutely stunning, you have an amazing figure- i'd kill for it hehe! Love your flawless makeup xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie