Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

As much as we all adore our Dad's buying them the perfect Fathers Day gift can be a pretty tough nut to crack. Every year I ask my Dad what he would like and every year I get the same answer 'ohhh nothing big, just a few beers will do me!'.

Unlike girls you can't buy them makeup, hair products & pj's which are always the most fun gifts to give (and recieve!) I've compiled a few gift ideas below for what I think would make a fab present and would please any man!

Fathers Day Present Gift Ideas

Obviously some of the gifts are a tad pricey but if you've got siblings you could all club together. We all bought my dad an iPad for Christmas and he literally hasn't put it down since (how is it possible for a 56 year old man to be so addicted to Candy Crush?!)

What are you getting your dad this year?


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  1. Me and my sister are struggling to find some ideas for our dad so thanks for this post.
    New follower, think I'm your 50th on GFC! haha :)

    Becky xx