Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Blogger Secret Santa

Just before Christmas the gorgeous girls at Makeup Pixi 3 and A Scottish Lass organised a Blogger Secret Santa. The idea was that you would get matched with another blogger, you have to spend £15, and post them a little something for Christmas... I absolutely loved this idea and signed up straight away!

I was paired with the lovely Ani from ...and laugh at guilded butterflies and boy did she spoil me!!! Although Christmas is long gone (I pretty much shed a tear as the last bauble was taken down) I wanted to share with you all the goodies I received. There will definitely be some reviews and pictures of all the products soon!

Everything came wrapped is delicate tissue paper packed tight with gold coins and toblerones... it's Ani knew me well already!


Collagen Face Masks, Nail Varnishes, Skin Products... the list is endless!

Cannot wait to review this Sleek Mascara!


Porefessional, Lip Plump and Makeup Fixing Spray... I'm so happy with all my gifts!!!


Here's a little sneak peak at what I sent Ani!...


Did you take part in #BBSecretSanta?



  1. You got some lovely bits! Definitely want to be involved in a secret Santa next year, hope you had a great Christmas and new year :) xx

  2. This was such a nice idea and it looks like you got a few nice things :)



  3. Oi, I'm definitely signing up for next year!!!

    Maria Pol | mariapoool.blogspot.gr

  4. What a sweet idea, I'm defo going to get involved in the bbloggers secret Santa next year :)
    Happy New Year Sweetie xxx
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  5. Wow Ani got you some lovely gifts :) I love secret Santa - it's always so much fun xx