Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Fashion Edit: Vinyl Visions

A few years back the only time I would of put PVC and fashion together would of been thinking of Little Miss Kitty wanting some milk... aka Michelle Pfieffer as the sexy Catwoman. Fast-foward to 2014 and there's been a huge shiny explosion all around us!

Walking (potentially with a slight squeak) into a room dressed in vinyl may be a bit overwhelming at first, but it's a style that's guaranteed to turn heads. If rocking the look of Nancy from The Craft isn't your thing it's super easy to tone down with some soft fabrics, layering and cute pastels. Or if you're happy to style your look on Nancy from The Craft then you bloomin' rock it!
how to style vinyl pvc clothes outfit topshop missguided

how to style vinyl pvc clothes outfit topshop missguided

The first look is a lot more glam, the outfit I've out together would be perfect for a night out or dinner. It pull all the current trends together - vinyl, pastel and a statement necklace. I'm really loving cropped fluffy jumper at the moment. If you pop in Primark they have got a rainbow of pastel colours available... I literally wanted them all!

The second look is a lot more casual, I would wear this at the weekend or if I was going to a bit more of a grimey club! It'll be comfortable and would look great with either a messy ponytail or a really 'undone' hair look.

Have you experimented with Vinyls or PVC?



  1. I love the lilac fluffy jumper! I saw one similar in Miss Selfridge recently, but the Boohoo one is half the price! Great find.
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  2. Love the two different looks!!!!

  3. Love the first look, the high waisted skirt and jumper would look soo cute xxx
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  4. the fluffy sweater is so cute!♥ lovely looks!:) I follow you on bloglovin and google+♥ you can follow my blog too if you'd like;) kisses!

    Lorietta Bloglovin profile

  5. I love airmax! They are so comfy and you can walk all day with them without getting sore.

  6. The Michael Kors watch is beautiful!