Saturday, 14 July 2012


I recently had a night out to celebrate turning one year older... my birthday was on a Saturday, so although it's nice to have all weekend I think I actually prefer having my birthday on a weekday... that way you can celebrate in the week and then at the weekend also! 

I went for a lovely lunch at Prezzo in the day and then in the evening had some prinks (pre drinks!) then hit the town for some cocktails, shots & boogieing!!!

For my makeup I recreated an amazing video I had seen on YouTube... link below

Me & Sissy Wissy <3

My hair I had in rollers in the afternoon - clipped in my HeadKandy extensions (these were VERY loosely curled so they looked blow-dried). 

My dress is from the brand Hybrid, it cost £85 which I wouldn't usually pay for a dress but because it was my birthday I thought I'd splash out :)

Apart from the weather the night was brilliant... hope you enjoy the pics 


Links for everything:


Hair Extensions:


Prezzo Restaurant:

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