Sunday, 15 July 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Being 'summer' (although I'm pretty sure it hasn't stopped raining?!) I love mixing up bright colours to create different looks! I've taken 5 various nail colours from Miners and jazzed up my toes...

Although it may look random I did experiment a few times with the bottles to see what order I preferred for my toes. To recreate this you just need to grab different nail colours that look cute together... you don't always have to have five either, recently I used 3 pastel shades (lilac, mint & peach) and this looked super cute too <3 

It's really easy to do and will give you something fun to try when you have a spare hour! I also got a lot of compliments once complete!

Let me know if you give it a go and what colours you use.



Step 1:
Make sure your nails are completely clean by removing all existing nail varnish and soaking feet

Step 2: 
Clip toenails and clean under nails using wooden stick. You can also go onto push back the cuticles if necessary using a hoof stick

Step 3:
Decide what colours your going to use and in what order. On a covered surface paint each toe in turn (I used two coats of each colour, to be honest I could of got away with one coat as the Miners polishes are really well pigmented but I done two coats just to safe)

Step 4:
Finish with top coat and tidy up and scruffy edges with a varnish removed pen or the wooden stick dipper in nail varnish remover

Step 5: 
Find some summery flip flops, sun & show off :)

Bring on the beach!

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