Monday, 23 July 2012

Miners Lip Colour - Lipstick Review

I was recently sent some lipsticks from Miners Cosmetics ... If you've ever watched my YouTube channel you will know how much I rave about these!!!

I will be separating my reviews up into the different types of lipsticks so you can get a full idea of each different product.

Today I'm going to be focusing on the 'Lip Colour' range - these lipsticks promise a full punch of colour, and come in 12 different shades and are a bargain at £3.99 each.

Glamour Girl - Vogue - Icon

I was sent 3 different shades: Glamour Girl (pink), Vogue (red), and Icon (plum). These lipsticks have a really moisturising feel to them which is the main reason I love them - my lips get so dry in an office with air-con. When applied they go on very smoothly and are well pigmented, the colour is evenly distributed and looks brilliant when on. I also find the colours very warming which is really complimenting. 

If I have to name one negative with the product I would say the packaging, the plastic is quite thin on the lid so I worry it may crack, also I have found the writing can rub off the side... on the other hand though where the packaging is pink it really stands out from all my other lipsticks in my collection - also the base of the lipstick has been changed so its a block of the colour which is helpful.

Overall I would give the Miners lipsticks 4.5/5 - the colours are all really cute and wearable, they feel incredible on and also have a delicious smell of parma violets!!!

Whats your favourite brand of lipstick? Have you ever tried Miners Cosmetics?

Glamour Girl - Vogue - Icon

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