Monday, 12 November 2012

Miners Solo Eyeshadows

Miners have released four new eyeshadows in four dazzling shades perfect for the party season!

These shadows come in plastic packaging, contain 4g and are priced at £3.49.

The colours are:

Luna:        shimmer white/silver
Stardust:   light gold shimmer 
Nautical:   matte cobalt/navy blue 
Jewel:       shimmer emerald green

The shades apply really smoothly (I use an eyeshadow brush and blending brush if necessary). Personally I find it better to apply them a small amount and build up the colour. They are pigmented well and don't have too much fall out.

Overall these colours are great, Stardust is literally my favourite eyeshadow at the moment for the inner eye and lid, really glam and brightening! I will definitely be having some tutorials coming up including this shade.

LUNA                    -                    STARDUST

NAUTICAL                         -                        JEWEL
LUNA       -       STARDUST       -       NAUTICAL       -       JEWEL

To purchase these shade visit Miners website HERE or check out the STOCKISTS

Whats your favourite eyeshadow colour for the party season?


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