Wednesday, 24 July 2013

White Spaceman Nails

Barry M White Nail Varnish Nail Art Swaovski Gems

To celebrate my boyfriend's Birthday this weekend we have hired a private boat and are getting all of our friends together for a rum swigging good time along the Bristol Harbour! In-between making an AWESOME playlist last night I also painted my nails to match my new dress. I picked a gorgeous floaty green number from Nasty Gal (don't ask how much postage I paid!) and I can't wait to show it off.

I've been wanting to try the white nail look out for a while, but every time I look at the bottle I always hear 'Spaceman I always wanted you to go into spaceman' ...know what I mean?! Last night I plucked up the courage and took the dive, I wanted to incorporate the dress some way - I thought of painting a few nails pastel green, or attempting a floral pattern but in the end I picked up some Swavoski Crystals that I bought a while back (on ebay HERE) and popped them on the ring finger.

I'm in love with the overall look and they really stand out! Also the good thing with white is that it's going to go with almost everything!

I used Barry M Matt White and applied 2 coats (3 coats on some nails that needed it) and then 17 Lasting Finish Top Coat. With white you definitely need topcoat as it dries very Matt and not very smooth.

Barry M White Nail Varnish Nail Art Swaovski Gems

Barry M White Nail Varnish Nail Art Swaovski Gems

Barry M White Nail Varnish Nail Art Swaovski Gems

Have you worn white nail varnish yet?



  1. I love it! I definitely need to get this white Barry M nail polish because it is amazing and I've been loving white nails lately! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  2. Lovely dress Hun, bet your going to look gorgeous. I do love white nail & the crystals are great for an accent nail.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  3. I love the colour combination you've chosen. I bought little crystals a while back to do my nails also but I've just never got round to it. Will definitely have to give it a go soon.

  4. i love white nail varnish! i need those gems.

    from Brigitte at // BlogLovin' | BreezeyBee Blog

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  6. I loooove white nails, I find it to look really flattering! Loving the added crystals too! xx

  7. oh nice and simple and chic. I should invest in some nail gems. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy