Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Rowing, Punting and Picnics

On Bank Holiday Monday the weather was glorious so me and the boy jumped in the car and took a drive to Bath. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in England, such stunning architecture and so much to do! I've been wanting to go on a rowing boat adventure for a while so when I found this hidden treasure online I added it to my 'To Do' List!

Bath Boating Station is just outside the main town and from the the minute you walk through the gate it's bloomin' beautiful! Bright and colourful flowers welcome you to the picturesque cottages along the river, one's even called Toad Hall! When you arrive you just need to pop your head through the office and ask for either a Rowing Boat, Punt, Canoe, or Kayak. 

We opted for a Rowing Boat as the Punting looked VERY hard and VERY wobbly... down the river we passed some people that had all fallen in! Our boat was one of the smaller Rowing Boats which needed only one person to row, and one person to steer with ropes. Obviously I opted for the steering which was super easy and I got to sit in a big comfy throne like The White Witch in Narnia!

The first couple of strokes take a little bit of getting used to...

Bath behind us creeping up the hills...

All the locals had their boats moored up and the end of their gardens.

Pulling the ropes was 'hard work'

So here's the photo evidence of me attempting to take the oars and have a go... as you can see I was pretty confused and couldn't work out which was to row. I eventually got it but then decided I was bored of it and wanted to steer again!

... and then the top had to come off!

YEYYY... we finally reached the weir!

Time to put our feet up and have a well earned bite to eat!

On the way back we passed a lot of happy rowers and even some people going for a dip! 

This was such a fun day out and it cost us £22 for 2 hours... money well spent considering you can take your own picnic and parkings free! It was nice to get out in the air and do something different and everyone is so happy bobbing along the river enjoying the warm rays!

If you're interested in having a family day out, a fun afternoon with friends, or a little adventure with your partner then check out the website here: BATH BOATING STATION



  1. This place looks amazing!
    And you look gorgeous :) I'd love to go there.
    Hope you had a lovely time chick :)
    chanelle jade xx

  2. Such a pretty place! I love your necklace! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  3. I really want to check out Bath, these pics make me desperate to go there!

    Hmm maybe...

  4. I really like it , I join the people who are watching;)