Monday, 13 May 2013

Bristol Grillstock 2013

This Saturday we popped down to Harbourside in Bristol. They were holding the annual event called GRILLSTOCK. Grillstock is a 2 day Festival with live music, chilli eating competitions and endless meat!

When we arrived we had a wander round to check out all the stalls, there were a few companies selling BBQ's but this wasn't what we wanted to see... we followed the smoky scent until we found the food stalls!

The choice of what to eat was endless... Traditional BBQ food, Mexican, Caribbean and even a cheeky glimpse of Levi Roots!!!

I opted for a burger, but don't worry, this wasn't just ANY burger. It was topped with chorizo, cheese, red onion marmalade and a generous helping of jalapenos... a true art work!! It was one of the best burgers I've had and I can't wait to re-create this at home. As well as the burger we wanted to try some of the Pulled Pork from the Grillstock Kitchen but this had sold out by 3.30pm... this was pretty disappointing as I love pulled pork, you'd think for a BBQ Festival they'd be a bit more prepared.

Once we had eaten we wandered over to the main stage to catch a glimpse of the Chilli Eating competition. There was around 12 brave contestants that had to munch their way through chillies ranging from popular Jalapenos to the FIERY NAGA!!! There was also a Rib Eating competition but we left before this, I'm sure that would of been pretty saucy though!

Overall this was a great afternoon out, but be prepared for the cost. The entry was £12.50 (£10 if you had booked online in advance) but for this entry you didn't actually get anything. Most of the food was around £5/£6 and beer & cider £4... you could easily spend £50 each without realising if you were there all afternoon.

(Sorry for the quality of pictures they were taken on a phone not an actual camera!)

Bristol Grillstock 2013

Bristol Grillstock 2013 Brooklyn Brewery

Bristol Grillstock 2013 Jamie Oliver Stone Pizza Oven
Jamie Oliver had a stand selling Stone Pizza Ovens... they even had free samples!!!

Bristol Grillstock 2013 Soul Food Burger
Serious Food Porn

Nom Nom Nom

Crepes for pudding anyone?

Bristol Grillstock 2013 Chilli Eating Competition
The brave souls in the Chilli Eating Competition.



  1. sounds like a lovely day! that burger sounds delicious, ahh, you're making me hungry now!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. I love the nom nom nom you pretty little burger eater!!

    Jayne xxxx

  3. Deffo going to recreate that burger at home!